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“The feisty, visually distinctive and intellectually robust New Arcadian Journal … is refreshingly original” (TLS) as the unique fine press book that combines art and scholarship. The NAJ is a treasury of drawing as artists join writers to explore the landscape garden. In particular, the NAJ:-

  • Investigates the cultural politics of historical landscapes through engaging with the vestigial presences of architecture, gardens, monuments, sculpture and inscriptions.
  • Explores the resonance of garden works by contemporary artists such as Derek Jarman and James Pierce, and especially Ian Hamilton Finlay at Little Sparta and elsewhere.
  • Revels in the poetics of place and the breezy terrain of the upland walker.

Current edition: NAJ 79/80 (2024), The Georgian Landscape of Wentworth Castle, 3rd edition. See below for six other publications relating to the Yorkshire Wentworths. 

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Grahame Jones, 1952-2020, Ian Gardner, 1944-2019, Chris Broughton, 1949-2015. 

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