Finlay in New Arcadian works

New Arcadian Journals

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~ NAJ 9 (1983). Includes Scottish Garden Traditions / The Battle of Little Sparta.

~ NAJ 10 (1983). Includes FinlayDetached Sentences on Exile (composed for this NAJ).

~ NAJ 11 (1983). Includes Arcadians: New Arcadians and Little Spartans.

~ NAJ 12 (1983). Includes Three Variations on The Topless Colum.

~ NAJ 14 (1984). Includes FinlayThe Atlantic Wall: William Gilpin annotated (composed for this NAJ).

~ NAJ 15 (1984). Includes FinlayThe Third Reich Revisited (the complete, 14 pp. version of this seminal work).

~ NAJ 23 (1986). Includes the centrespread photograph posed by Finlay for this NAJ, Monument to the First Battle of Little Sparta, after Poussin’s ‘Arcadian Shepherds (Et in Arcadia ego), c.1638.

~ NAJ 24 (1986). Includes FinlayBlast the National Trust (composed for this NAJ).

~ NAJ 33/34 (1992). Includes FinlaySix Proposals for the Improvement of Stockwood Park in the Borough of Luton (1985), and The Seventh Proposal (1992).

~ NAJ 45/46 (1998). Includes Finlay, A Proposal for Arne (1988/89).

~ NAJ 53/54 (2002). Includes some of FinlayDetached Sentences.

~ NAJ 61/62 (2007). Includes Garden, Park and Cityscape: A Checklist of Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Permanent Landscape Installations, one of Finlay’s proposals for the Kroller-Muller Sculpture Park and numerous illustrations from various other proposals, as well as Sue Finlay’s memoir, ‘The Planting of a Hillside Garden’ (1991), and Alec Finlay’s ‘Poems of Sledging, Swimming and Gliders’.

~ NAJ 75/76 (2016). Includes discussion of Finlay’s tribute at Little Sparta to Capability Brown and the English landscape garden.

~ NAJ 77/78 (2022), Includes Finlay’s Peterhead Power Station Proposals (1978) and A Falkland Memorial (1986/1992) and discussion of the naval memorials of Little Sparta.

New Arcadian Broadsheets

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~ NAB 2 (1981). Finlay, An Open Letter (The Little Spartan War, composed for this Broadsheet).

~ NAB 10 (1983). Finlay and Eyres, Appeal for U.N. Troops (The Little Spartan War, composed for this Broadsheet).

~ NAB 15 (1984). Finlay, Feuersprüche (trans. Fire Talk, composed for this Broadsheet).

~ NAB 23 (1986). Eyres, Prepare for War (The Little Spartan War).

~ NAB 24 (1986). Eyres, Top Gun (The Little Spartan War and The Follies War).

~ NAB 26 (1988). Finlay and Eyres, Dare to Dare (The French War, composed for this Broadsheet).

~ NAB 27 (1988). Eyres, Thunderbolt (The French War).

~ NAB 46 (1998). Finlay, Disconnected Sentences on Site Specific Sculpture (composed for this Broadsheet).

~ NAB 61 (2007). FinlayThe Gothic Revival (unrealised New Arcadian card, 1982).

~ NAB 62 (2007). Finlay, Post Modern (fragment of an unrealised NAJ, 1982).

~ NAB 63 (2008). Eyres, Carry On Aphrodite (post-theft restoration of Finlay’s Herm of Aphrodite in Stockwood Park, Luton).

Books and Cards

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~ Book: On The Spot: The Yorkshire Red Books of Humphry Repton, Landscape Gardener, by Patrick Eyres and Karen Lynch, 2018. Includes Patrick Eyres, ‘Epilogue: The influence of Humphry Repton on the poet-gardener, Ian Hamilton Finlay’.

~ Book: Mr. Aislabie’s Gardens, 1981. Includes FinlayThe Monteviot Proposal (1979, the full 18 pp. of this seminal work).

~ Card: Finlay, Excerpt from an Illustrated Esoteric Dictionary, 1982 (composed for the New Arcadian Press).

~ Card: The Black Spot, 1982.

~ Card: Scramble Phantoms!, 1983.

~ Card: Panzer Gun, Little Sparta, 1983.

~ Card: FinlayTwo Prospects, 1984 (composed for the New Arcadian Press).

~ Card: Liberty, Terror & Virtue, 1984. Exhibition poster.

~ Card: The Temple of Apollo, Little Sparta, 1984. Exhibition preview card.

~ Card: The Temple of Apollo, Little Sparta, 1984. Postcard.