The New Arcadian Press flourishes under the direction of Patrick Eyres.

~ Well over a hundred artists, musicians and writers have been published. They are all recorded in the Portfolio section of this website.

~ The artists principally involved are the veterans, Chris Broughton (since 1986) and Howard Eaglestone (since 1982) and the ‘youngsters’ (since 1997), Catherine Aldred and Andrew Naylor.

Patrick Eyres has benefited from the ‘invisible’ support of Wendy Frith, Chris Broughton,  Peter Nix, Chris Roberts and Paul Singh.

~ Wendy Frith gallantly undertook the challenging role of copy editor from 1985 to 2000. While her vigilence ensured rigour, her consistent support and encouragement still enables the NAJ to weather coldfronts of economic and other bleaknesses.

~ Chris Broughton (1949-2015) assisted by preparing imagery for print and this website. From 1986 to 2003 he heroically prepared bromides from drawings; this truly herculean labour was begun by Andrew Griffiths, 1981-1985.

~ Peter Nix, on his own initiative, generously created the website in 1995 and managed it until 2009.

~ Chris Roberts not only introduced Patrick Eyres to Adobe Pagemaker but also facilitated the NAJ’s preparation for print throughout the 1990s.

~ Paul Singh advises on printing, and more recently on Adobe InDesign, and (throughout his career) has ensured the tender care with which the NAJ is consistently printed.

Between 1981 and 1987 the press was known as New Arcadians; the co-founders were Patrick Eyres, Ian Gardner and Grahame Jones.

~ Between 1981 and 1986 Patrick Eyres and Ian Gardner co-edited the quarterly journal and broadsheets, as well as the range of other publications that were produced: cards, small books, print folios and exhibition posters.