Wentworth Castle and Georgian Political Gardening: Jacobites, Tories and dissident Whigs – PDF

Wentworth Castle and Georgian Political Gardening: Jacobites, Tories and dissident Whigs – PDF


20 x 26 cm book, 198 pp., 130 illustrations

Editor: Patrick Eyres

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Set against the backdrop of the political instability generated by the Jacobite attempts to restore the exiled Stuart kings to the British throne, eleven authors explore the symbolic meanings embedded within the country estates of the Tory, Jacobite and dissident Whig landowners who formed the parliamentary opposition to the mainstream Whig governments that managed Britain on behalf of the Hanoverian Kings George I and George II

This 1st ‘Surrogate NAJ, enlarged and in colour’ comprises the proceedings of the 2010 Wentworth Castle conference and was published on behalf of the Wentworth Castle Heritage Trust. It is bound within a cover embellished with a specially commissioned wrap-around photograph of Stainborough Castle

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~ Patrick Eyres. Introduction. Jacobites and Tories, Whigs and True Whigs: Political Gardening in Britain, c.1700-c.1760.

~ Tim Richardson. The Tory Riposte to the Whig Ascendancy in Landscape Gardening.

~ Michael Symes.  “Tis use alone that sanctifies expense”: The Politics of the Ferme Ornée.

~ Carole Fry. The Early Eighteenth-Century Landscape: Political Dissension and Neo-Palladianism.

~ Michael Charlesworth. Lord Strafford’s Need for a Past and British National Identity.

~ Terry Friedman. “An unbounded prospect of a very rich Country”: James Gibbs at Wentworth Castle.

~ Patrick Eyres. Jacobite Anticipations: Lord Strafford, Wentworth Castle and Dissident Political Gardening.

~ George Sheeran. Nunnington Hall, Yorkshire: Living Quietly in Defeat?

~ Suzannah Fleming. Patriot Elysiums: The Shaftesburian Iconographies of Vauxhall in London and Wimborne St. Giles in Dorset.

~ Jane Furse. The Gothic Landscaping of William Wentworth.

~ Janine Barchas. A Big Name: Jane Austen and The Wentworths.

~ David Lambert. Wentworth Castle in the Welfare State: The Road to a Public Landscape.