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Lectures: Lockdown and Beyond

  • Wentworth Castle and Wentworth Woodhouse: Georgian rivals united through 21st-century restoration and public access, for The Gardens Trust / London Gardens Trust (Zoom, 2020) the Friends of The Botanical Garden Sheffield (Zoom, 2021) and the York Friends of the National Trust (Zoom, 2021).
  • Learning from The Blackamoor, for The Gardens Trust (Zoom, 2021). See David Marsh’s blog about this lecture series ‘Other Voices in Garden History’. See also NAJ 69/70, The Blackamoor.
  • The Political Use of Sculpture in Georgian Gardens, for the Sussex Gardens Trust (Zoom, 2021).
  • Georgian Gardens: Where did the money come from? for The Gardens Trust (Zoom, 2021).
  • From Naumachia to ‘Naval Warfare’: Nautical Frolics in British Parks, for The Gardens Trust and Yorkshire Gardens Trust (Zoom 2023). See NAJ 39/40, Naumachia.
  • The Maritime Garden, for the Leeds Art Fund at Leeds Art Gallery (2023), marking the 40th anniversary of the New Arcadian Journal: Little Sparta, Peasholm Park and the Stone Garden. See NAJ 77/78, Atlantic Flowers.