NAJ 39/40 (1995). A5 book, 104 pp., 42 illustrations

The British parkland tradition of mock naval battles, and the flourishing survivor, ‘Naval Warfare’, in Peasholm Park, Scarborough, the only public park in Britain designed exclusively in the Edwardian Japanese style.

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For this NAJ trilogy, see also NAJ 35/36 (1993) Hearts of Oak, and NAJ 37/38 (1994) Sons of the Sea




Ian Appleton, Chris Broughton, Howard Eaglestone (plus Cover), Michaela Kidney, Mark Stewart.


~ Patrick Eyres. Introduction.
~ Michael Cousins, Patrick Eyres. Naumachia: the Parkland Phenomenon of Mock Naval Battle (classical precedents, Georgian and Victorian British naumachias).
~ Patrick Eyres. ‘Naval Warfare’: the Battle of Peasholm Park (evolution of the Japanese-style design, 1912-30, and the mock naval battle, c. 1930-1996).
~ Patrick Eyres. The Patriotic Panto of Peasholm Park (the Scarborough naumachia as a paradoxical memorial).