On The Spot: The Yorkshire Red Books of Humphry Repton, Landscape Gardener – PDF

On The Spot: The Yorkshire Red Books of Humphry Repton, Landscape Gardener – PDF


29.7 cms x 23.3 cms, 206 pages, 165 illustrations

The nine Yorkshire commissions of Humphry Repton spanned the twenty years between 1790 and 1810. Patrick Eyres and Karen Lynch enlarge the knowledge of his landscape gardening in Yorkshire in general, by offering new insights into these commissions, and, in particular, by reproducing the six extant Red Books that he produced for patrons in the county

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Garden History, Tom Williamson (2019): Red Book illustrations and other images are beautifully reproduced … [and] accompanied by an interpretative essay by Patrick Eyres, [which] is a particularly insightful and innovative piece of work.

Country Life, Steven Desmond (2018): For once, we can judge these attractive ideas from a reading of the complete text, with the full set of illustrations in the right order – an exceptional treat. This marvellous achievement is the work of Karen Lynch, whose excellent research shines forth from each of her introductory essays, and Patrick Eyres, who performs his usual mind-broadening task of setting these places in their historical and political context. The New Arcadians have been teaching us pleasantly provocative lessons for many years and this superb publication is no exception. Merely to have persuaded the various owners to agree to participate in the exercise is a triumph in itself.



Karen Lynch. The Yorkshire Commissions and Red Books of Humphry Repton


~ 1. Wentworth Woodhouse and the Red Book, 1791-94: Wentworth House in Yorkshire, A Seat of the Right Hon:ble Earl Fitzwilliam                        

~ 2. Rudding Hall and the lost Red Book, 1791

~ 3. Owston Hall and the Red Book, 1793: Ouston [sic] in Yorkshire, A Seat of Bryan Cooke Esq.r

~ 4. Bessacre Manor and the lost Red Book, 1793

~ 5. Mulgrave Castle and the Red Book, 1793: Mulgrave in Yorkshire, A Seat of The Right Hon:ble Lord Mulgrave

~ 6. Harewood House and the reconstructed Red Book, 1800

~ 7. Langold and the lost Red Book, 1806

~ 8. Oulton Hall and the Red Book, 1810: Oulton near Leeds in Yorkshire, A Seat of John Blayds Esq.r

~ 9. Armley House and the Red Book, 1810: Armley House near Leeds in Yorkshire, A Seat of Benjamin Gott Esq.r

~ 10. Welton and Esholt: Humphry Repton and Peacock’s Polite Repository


Patrick Eyres. The Talented Mr Repton: Conflict, Culture and Contradiction in the Yorkshire Red Books


~ I. The Red Books and Publications of Humphry Repton, Professional Consultant

~ II. The Rockingham Monument, Portland Whigs and Aristocratic Benevolence

~ III. The Gentlemen-Merchants of Leeds at Oulton Hall and Armley House

~ IV. Epilogue: The Influence of Humphry Repton on the Poet-Gardener Ian Hamilton Finlay