Rockingham Whig Landscapes

Rockingham Whig Landscapes


NAJ 71/72 (2013). A5 book, 148 pp., 91 illustrations

The 2nd Marquis of Rockingham was twice prime minister and leader of the Rockingham Whigs. Noted for their critique of the governments of King George III, the Rockingham Whigs upheld domestic and colonial civil liberties, promoted a sense of national virtue and opposed the American War of Independence. The focus here is on political discourse embedded in the landscape of the country estate in the various forms of agriculture, garden buildings, monuments and sculpture.

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  • ~ Catherine Aldred, Chris Broughton (plus Cover), Andrew Naylor.
  • ~ The historical illustrations include maps, and engravings after J.M.W. Turner.


  • ~ Patrick Eyres. Introduction: Rockingham Whig Landscapes
  • ~ Michael Charlesworth. The Rockingham Ascendancy: Or, The Wentworths – Towers in a Georgian Landscape.
  • ~ Oliver Cox. King Alfred’s Castle: Or, How To Memorialise the Yorkshire Petition of 1769.
  • ~ Patrick Eyres. The Spectral Presence of America: Monumental Reflections on Liberty, Empire and Loss.
  • ~ George Sheeran. The Georgic Gaze: Displaying Whig Landscapes of Improvement.
  • ~ Annie Richardson. Major André, The Exemplary Hero: A Monumental Anglo-American Controversy.