The Ian Hamilton Finlay Collection

The Ian Hamilton Finlay Collection


NAJs, Broadsheets, small books, cards and a poster by or relating to Ian Hamilton Finlay, 1981 onwards ~ including The Little Spartan War

Available as a collection, plus mailing, or individually

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Bold Italics indicate a work by Ian Hamilton Finlay

£315, plus mailing (for all the publications below, still available), or individually

New Arcadian Journals, £105 (for details, see New Arcadian Journals)

~ £10. NAJ 11 (empathy with Little Sparta)

~ £5.  NAJ 10, includes Sentences on Exile (available as a PDF sent to your email address)

~ £15. NAJ 15, includes the complete version of The Third Reich Revisited

~ £15. NAJ 23, includes The Arcadian Shepherds, after Poussin

~ £25. NAJ 33/34, includes the Proposal for the Improvement Garden, Stockwood Park, Luton

~ £10. NAJ 61/62, the Finlay memorial edition includes Crypto-Fascist Fountain (available as a PDF sent to your email address)

~ £25. NAJ 77/78, includes the Peterhead Power Station Proposals

Broadsheets, £110 (for details, see Broadsheets)

~ £10 each. NABs 2, 10, 15, 23, 24, 26, 27, 46, 61, 62, 64

Small books, £15 (for details, see Books)

~ £15. Mr Aislabie’s Gardens with the seminal Monteviot Proposal

Cards, £35 (for details, see Cards)

~ £20. Two Prospects (with Temple of Apollo and The Black Spot)

~ £15.  An Illustrated Esoteric Dictionary (above)

Poster, £50 (for details, see Posters)

~ £50. Liberty, Terror and Virtue. Ian Hamilton Finlay: The Little Spartan War and ‘The Third Reich Revisited’