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Through the New Arcadian Journal, the New Arcadian Press publishes studies in the cultural politics of the eighteenth-century landscape garden. The New Arcadian Journal is the fine press book that uniquely combines original scholarship with artist-illustration. For published appreciations, see Reviews  (menu bar above), and also: The TimesGarden HistoryBASA, and Jottings from the Journal.

The Humphry Repton Bicentenary 2018

In preparation. On The Spot: The Yorkshire Red Books of Humphry Repton, landscape gardener by Patrick Eyres and Karen Lynch. Publication, Spring 2018. This is the 3rd ‘Surrogate NAJ, enlarged and in colour’ (the first two were published on behalf the Wentworth Castle Heritage Trust). Reserve a copy now.

Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown

~ Noble Prospects: Capability Brown and the Yorkshire Landscape, 72 pp., 38 colour illustrations. This book by Karen Lynch for the Yorkshire Gardens Trust is illustrated with reproductions of numerous Georgian artworks as well as photographs by Simon Warner. £10, including postage and packing. NB: the website automatically subdivides this into £5 for the book and £5 for p&p.

NAJ 75/76Yorkshire Capabilities, 196 pp., 104 illustrations, 4 authors, 12 artists, 8 historical artists. This A5 book explores the Yorkshire landscapes designed by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown and contains the full, unabridged version of Karen Lynch’s extensive, primary research paper. It also features the fulsome tribute to ‘Capability’ by Ian Hamilton Finlay in the garden at Little Sparta.

NAJ 65/66, The Grenville Landscape of Wotton House, 140 pp., 90 illustrations, 10 authors, 4 artists, 3 map-makers. This A5 book discusses Wotton’s landscape garden, which was elevated to Grade I by Historic England in 2016. Conceived by William Pitt the Elder with George Grenville, both prime ministers, it was realised as a triumph of water engineering by ‘Capability’ Brown, assisted by Benjamin Read.

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Still available

Diplomats, Goldsmiths and Baroque Court Culture: Lord Raby in Berlin, The Hague and Wentworth Castle (2014). Published on behalf of the Wentworth Castle Heritage Trust as the 2nd ‘Surrogate NAJ, enlarged and in colour’, this 20 x 26 cm book comprises 10 chapters by 9 authors with 196 pages and 156 illustrations (largely photographs). UK price £25 includes post and packing; Overseas price £35 ditto. See ‘Portfolio & Shop / Books’

~ The Ian Hamilton Finlay Collection: From 1981 the New Arcadian Press published many works by or relating to Ian Hamilton Finlay, especially during The Little Spartan War. Many are still available: 6 NAJs, 11 Broadsheets, 1 small book and 4 cards. £255 excluding post and packing, see ‘Portfolio & Shop / Books’