Welcome to the New Arcadian Press

The New Arcadian Press generates a continuous programme of research into cultural landscape and, through The New Arcadian Journal, creates the fine press publication that combines original text with artist-illustration.

The Times Literary Supplement: “Patrick Eyres has stamped his personality on the feisty, visu­ally distinctive and intellectually robust New Arcadian Journal, which takes as its primary battleground the cultural politics of eighteenth-century historical landscapes, and especially their man-made iconography. Adding a modern resonance are disquisitions on garden works by contemporary artists, notably the late Scottish garden-maker, artist and concrete poet, Ian Hamilton Finlay”.

www.GardenHistoryMatters.com: “The Journal is a wonderful publication – erudite, original and fascinating, and is a ‘must have’ for anyone interested in garden history and the relationships between gardens and the wider zeitgeist”.

Read the NAJ’s 30th anniversary reviews: for extracts, see Reviews; for each in full, see: More from The TimesMore from Garden HistoryMore from BASA, and Jottings from the Journal.

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UK price £25 includes post and packing; Overseas price £30 also includes post and packing.
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In Preparation

NAJ 75/76 (2016), Yorkshire Capabilities. The book explores the visibility and invisibility of the Yorkshire landscape gardens attributed to Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown and is a contribution to the 2016 CB300 festival that commemorates the landscape designer’s 300th birthday. It will also feature the extensive tribute to ‘Capability’ by Ian Hamilton Finlay in the garden at Little Sparta. Texts by Patrick Eyres, Karen Lynch, John Phibbs and Linzi Stauvers. Imagery by Catherine Aldred, Giles Bailey, Chris Broughton, Ellen Burroughs, Amelia Couch, Ruth Lyons, Andrew Naylor and Liz Simson.


Two new publications are available:

Diplomats, Goldsmiths and Baroque Court Culture: Lord Raby in Berlin, The Hague and Wentworth Castle (2014). The 2nd ‘surrogate NAJ, enlarged and in colour’ comprises the proceedings of the 2012 Wentworth Castle conference: 10 chapters by 9 authors with 196 pages and 156 illustrations (largely photographs). This 20 x 26 cm book is bound within a cover embellished with a specially commissioned wrap-around photograph of the Baroque wing of Wentworth Castle and the Raby Cistern. UK price £25 includes post and packing; Overseas price £35 ditto.

The Art Newspaper: “The book is particularly strong on the role of goldsmiths work in European diplomacy … [and] is delightfully wide-ranging, offering new scholarship on aspects of cultural politics and dining”.

The Georgian: “The editors have found a good balance between the role of the goldsmith in court culture, the social/political role of diplomats and the creation of Wentworth Castle … The ten essays in this book focus on Berlin and The Hague and on the development and furnishing of Raby’s properties in London and Yorkshire … It would be hard to put together a more knowledgeable authorial team”.

~ NAJ 73/74 (2014), The Georgian Monuments of Wentworth Woodhouse, 172 pp., 123 illustrations. This A5 book is the updated 2nd edition with additional illustrations that include 18C maps (companion to NAJ 71/72). UK price £25 includes post and packing; Overseas price £30 ditto.

NAJ 71/72 (2013), Rockingham Whig Landscapes, 148 pp., 91 illustrations. In this companion to NAJ 73/74, 5 authors discuss the later Georgian political discourse embedded in the landscape of the country estate in the forms of agriculture, garden buildings, monuments and sculpture. UK price £25 includes post and packing; Overseas price £30 ditto.