Two Airedale Landscapes

Two Airedale Landscapes


NAJ 26 (1987). 64 pp., 52 illustrations.

St. Ives and Saltaire: landscapes designed during the Industrial Revolution and embedded with ‘Young England’ Toryism and Liberal philanthropy.

With book jacket, 2017, illustrated by Chris Broughton (left).

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ILLUSTRATIONS: Ian Gardner (plus cover design), Andrew Griffiths, Howard Eaglestone (including maps).

~ Patrick Eyres. St. Ives and Saltaire (landscape design in the context of utopian discourse during the Industrial Revolution).
~ Stuart Rawnsley. Saltaire: from Old Paternalism to Romantic Capitalism (the reconstructions of ‘heritage tourism’).
~ Patrick Eyres. St. Ives: The Ferrand estate (elevation and projection of a squirearchical dynasty, explored through the cultural politics of landscape design during the 17th and 19th centuries – buildings, inscriptions, monuments and gardens – and particularly through their associations with the radical Conservative, Benjamin Disraeli, his reformist novel ‘Sibyl’, and the political aspirations of Titus Salt and ‘Squire’ Ferrand).