Liberty, Terror & Virtue

Liberty, Terror & Virtue


NAJ 15 (1984). A5 book, 48 pp., 22 illustrations

Ian Hamilton Finlay: The Little Spartan War and ‘The Third Reich Revisited’. The second of the Little Spartan War NAJs.

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Ian Appleton, Ian Gardner, Andrew Griffiths (plus Cover).


~ Yves Abrioux. Ian Hamilton Finlay, the Heroic Mode: the Third Reich Revisited and The Little Spartan War.
~ Ian Hamilton Finlay (with Ian Appleton). ‘The Third Reich Revisited’ (the complete, 14 pp. version of this seminal work).
~ Jonathan Buckley. An Outline of The Little Spartan War.
~ Patrick Eyres. Heroic Ephemera, the Official War Art: commentary and documentation.

NB. This NAJ was created as the companion to the eponymous exhibition co-curated with Southampton Art Gallery. The exhibition toured during 1984-1986, and was re-staged in 2008 at the Millais Gallery, Southampton Solent University).