The Georgian Landscape of Wentworth Castle

The Georgian Landscape of Wentworth Castle


NAJ 57/58 (2005). A5 book, 172 pp., 69 illustrations

The innovatory Tory country estate in South Yorkshire, whose symbolism is encoded with a treasonably Jacobite subtext

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See the 2nd edition, NAJ 63/64

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Catherine AldredChris Broughton (plus Cover, above), Howard EaglestoneAndrew NaylorMark Stewart.

Patrick Eyres. Introducing Wentworth Castle, and the rivalry with Wentworth Woodhouse, 1695-1750.
Michael Charlesworth. Thomas Wentworth’s Monument: the Achievement of Peace (The Tory-Stuart and Jacobite iconographies).
Jan Woudstra. The Early Eighteenth-Century Wilderness at Stainborough (The Union Jack Gardens).
Christopher Margrave. The Early Eighteenth-Century Walled Kitchen Garden at Stainborough.
Jane Furse. The Gothick and Picturesque Landscape of William Wentworth.
Wendy Frith. ‘Sappho’ and ‘the Speckled Monster’: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Smallpox Inoculation and Eighteenth Century Bodies.