Stone Scripts

Stone Scripts


NAJ 16 (1984). A5 book, 28 pp. 14 illustrations

Poems from Northern Fells, largely discovered on the sheets of the walker’s companionable guide, the Ordnance Survey map

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Ian Gardner (plus Cover)


~ Patrick Eyres. Poems largely discovered on O.S. maps, while walking northern fells

The ‘Stone Script’ poetic was initially explored in the works for ‘The Viewfinders’ exhibition, 1980, and consolidated in the Wansdyke cards and Three Peaks folio. The poetic crystallized in NAJ 16 and was subsequently developed in NAJs 27, 28 and 41/42, as well as in the image-text-sound presentation, ‘Windflowers’. The latter was produced in collaboration with the composer, Christopher Fox, for the 1996 exhibition at the University Gallery, Leeds. It comprised 160 35 mm colour slides by Patrick Eyres, which were synchronised to a cassette tape of Stone . Wind . Rain . Sun by Christopher Fox (1988/89), with the assistance of Adrian Budge.