Wentworth Woodhouse: A Landscape of Georgian Monuments

Wentworth Woodhouse: A Landscape of Georgian Monuments


NAJ 59/60 (2006). A5 book, 172 pp., 87 illustrations

The architecture, gardening and monuments of the aristocratic Whig estate in South Yorkshire, renowned as a political landscape as well as for innovations in agriculture, coalmining and workers’ housing

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See the 2nd edition, NAJ 73/74


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Catherine AldredChris Broughton (plus Cover, above), Howard EaglestoneAndrew NaylorMark StewartAndrew Townsend.

Patrick Eyres. Introduction.
Michael Charlesworth. The Wentworths: A Georgian Landscape with Towers.
George Sheeran. The Hoober Stand: A Masonic Perspective.
Patrick Eyres. Wentworth Woodhouse: A Classic Whig Landscape (Parts. I. Inheritance and Elevation: The Hanoverian Whig Landscape of the First Marquis of Rockingham. II. Monuments to Peace: Patriotic Virtue and the Rockingham Whigs. III. The Landscape of Patriotic Husbandry: A Model of Agricultural and Industrial Improvement).
Patrick Eyres8 Appendices and commentaries:
1. Inscription, Monument to William Wentworth, Second Earl of Strafford, York Minster, c. 1700.
2. Inscription, Monument to Henrietta Maria Stanley, Countess of Strafford, Wentworth Old Church, 1689.
3. Inscription, Monument to Thomas Watson-Wentworth, York Minster, c. 1731.
4. ‘Song’, Sir John Finch, political satire. 1740.
5. ‘1741’, anon., political satire, 1741.
6. ‘An Occasional Draught of the Gardens at Wentworth House’, anon., topographical poem, c. 1746.
7. ‘The Description of a Place supposed by an Aged Gentleman who had not seen it of Thirty Years’, anon., topographical poem, c. 1750.
8. Inscription, Pedestal, Statue of Charles Watson-Wentworth, Second Marquis of Rockingham, The Rockingham Monument, 1789.