The Wentworths

The Wentworths


NAJ 31/32 (1991). Georgian landscapes of Treason and Virtue: dynastic and party political rivalry between the Jacobite Wentworth Castle and Whig Wentworth Woodhouse.


See NAJ 73/74 (2014) Wentworth Woodhouse and NAJ 57/58 (2005) Wentworth Castle


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A5 book, 172 pp., 100 illustrations.


Chris Broughton (plus Cover, left), Howard EaglestoneIan GardnerAndrew GriffithsGrahame JonesJon LangfordMark StewartAndrew TownsendCorinne Roberts.

Patrick Eyres. Introduction.
Michael Charlesworth. Elevation and Succession: the representation of Jacobite and Hanoverian politics in the landscape gardens of Wentworth Castle and Wentworth Woodhouse.
Michael Charlesworth. The Garden of the Lost Lover: a Fantasy garden containing a compendium of Jacobite symbols.
Patrick Eyres. A Patriotic Landscape: Wentworth Woodhouse, landscape of Patriotic Opposition and Patriotic Husbandry (Whig politics, the Agricultural Revolution, coalmining and planned housing for the estate’s miners).
Wendy Frith. Sex, Smallpox and Seraglios: a cultural and historical discourse generated by the Sun Monument at Wentworth Castle (erected during the 1740s and dedicated to Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, who had challenged the male medical establishment through her introduction of inoculation against smallpox into England from Turkey).