The Political Temples of Stowe

The Political Temples of Stowe


NAJ 43/44 (1997). Sculpture and the political iconography of Lord Cobham and his successor, Earl Temple, in the Elysian Fields and Grecian Valley, c.1730–c.1770.


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A5 book, 128 pp., 59 illustrations.


Catherine AldredChris Broughton (plus Cover, left), Howard EaglestoneAndrew NaylorSteve Wilkin.

Jo Darke. Preface: The Public Monuments and Sculpture Association.
Patrick Eyres. Introduction.
Nicola Smith. Walpole, Whigs and William III (the symbolism of William III during the 1730s as a context to the bust in the Temple of British Worthies).
Ingrid Roscoe. Peter Scheemakers and the Stowe Commission (the landscape garden as a major site for works during the 1730s and 1740s).
Joan Coutu. Stowe: A Whig Training Ground (sculptural projects of the Grenville Cousinhood during the 1740s and 1750s, including the Grenville Column).
Patrick Eyres. Interpretation, Conservation, Re-Interpretation: The Iconography of the Medallions of Concord and Victory (National Trust discoveries, 1994-96, clarify the iconography of the 1760s).
Michael Bevington. Select Bibliography: Stowe Landscape Garden (18th-20th centuries).