The Hall of Mirrors

The Hall of Mirrors


NAJ 47/48 (1999), 76 pp., 34 illustrations.

Reflections on the Hermitage at Dunkeld, where the unique, post-Jacobite presence of Ossian invites contemplation on the sublime and on Scottish identity.


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ILLUSTRATIONS:                                                                                                                                                                              ~ Don Aldridge, Chris Broughton (plus Cover, left), Howard Eaglestone.

~ Patrick Eyres. Introduction.
~ Christopher Dingwall. Nature, Art and Landscape (describes the placing of this mid-18th century view-house on a tributary of the river Tay where the landscape beautiful and the landscape sublime are juxtaposed, and examines the building as an exercise in contemporary taste).
~ Don Aldridge. The Spirit of Ossian, Wild and Free (considers the influences which lay behind the redecoration of the hermitage in 1783 as a shrine to the blind bard Ossian, the light which this event throws on the post-Jacobite political landscape, and the ways in which it has been presented and interpreted to visitors during the last two centuries).