The Brothers – PDF

The Brothers – PDF


NAJ 8 (1982). A5 book, 32 pp., 14 illustrations.

As a bicentennial homage to John Sell Cotman, this collection of watercolour responses to a poem by Thomas A. Clark emulates ‘The Brothers’, the sketching club run by Girtin and Cotman.

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Robin BagotLaurie ClarkHoward EaglestoneIan GardnerAndrew GriffithsBarry HirstGrahame Jones (plus Cover, above), Caroline NixJohn TetleyDavid Willetts.

Patrick Eyres. The Brothers: the sketching club, launched by Thomas Girtin and continued by Cotman, that took inspiration from selected landscape poetry.

Each illustration is the fruit of the invitation to ten artists to produce a drawing, similarly in three hours, from the contemporary poem ‘Hard Knott’ by Thomas A. Clark.