Studley Royal and Hackfall – PDF

Studley Royal and Hackfall – PDF


NAJ 20 (1985). A5 book, 44 pp., 39 illustrations

The Aislabies’ Georgian landscapes in North Yorkshire, respectively Classical and Sublime

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Howard EaglestoneIan Gardner (plus Cover, left), Andrew GriffithsJohn Tetley.

Texts by Patrick Eyres:

~ Preface: the New Arcadian Press and the Aislabie Gardens.
~ Studley Royal: Garden of Hercules and Venus (an iconographical interpretation, in the political context of Augustan England).
~ Hackfall, a Sublime landscape (reconstruction of the 18th and 19th century characteristics of this almost vanished garden).
NB. This NAJ stimulated the founding of the Hackfall Trust by James Ramsden and the subsequent HLF funded conservation, completed in 2009 (Hackfall was acquired by the Woodland Trust in 1989). The coveted Europa Nostra heritage award has since been bestowed on the place – congratulations to James Ramsden.