New Arcadias

New Arcadias


NAJ 25 (1987). 64 pp,. 74 illustrations.

Robert Owen and the Landscape of Utopia: the cultural politics of New Lanark, Scotland, and New Harmony, USA.

With book jacket, 2017, illustrated by Tim Pomeroy (left).

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ILLUSTRATIONS: Howard Eaglestone, Ian Gardner (plus cover design), Tim Pomeroy, Jack Sloan.

~ Patrick Eyres. New Arcadias (preface),
~ Stuart Rawnsley. Robert Owen (introduction).
~ Jack Sloan. New Lanark and The Falls of Clyde: Grand Allusions, Lost Illusions (a reconstruction of this Sublime landscape during the 18th century, and a critique of the subsequent utopian renown of the Dale-Owen industrial venture).
~ Edward Hawes. New Harmony, Indiana: Word, Image and Landscape (successive representations which construct and reconstruct interpretations of the site, from Owen’s utopian community to the contemporary ‘Heritage’ centre).