The cover image and text are from the eponymous Broadsheet (no. 25, 1987), which offers a tip from the founder of Yates’ Wine Lodge, who appears to suggest that a toast and a tipple are the root of health and happiness! The editor’s pint of Guinness features prominently on the bar. The other glasses represent Chris Broughton, Howard Eaglestone, Ian Gardner, Andrew Griffiths and an uncharacteristically ‘un-laddish’ Wendy Frith. The exhibition: ‘New Works from the New Arcadian Press’, South Square Gallery, Bradford.



1987-1988. Two versions. Card, folding to A6. 1987: Christmas card. 1988. Exhibition preview card. Both versions comprise 3 illustrations: Chris Broughton (Cover, left), Ian Gardner; text, Patrick Eyres.

Out of print: Christmas card version

Only 5 left: Exhibition preview card version