Lady Anne’s Way

Lady Anne’s Way


NAJ 17 (1985). A journey through the Pennines from Skipton to Penrith exploring the castles and churches restored by Lady Anne Clifford and her newly built almshouses, 1649-1664.



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A5 book, 40 pp., 32 illustrations.


Jack Chesterman, Jo Chesterman (plus Cover, left), Howard EaglestoneIan GardnerAndrew Griffiths.

The Duchess of Devonshire. Preface: The Cavendish Inheritance (at Bolton Abbey).
Patrick Eyres. The Building Works of Lady Anne Clifford (the use of architecture, monuments, inscriptions and heraldry to assert self and dynastic identity by an aristocratic woman formerly dispossessed in favour of male relatives.

Includes colour postcard of ‘The Great Picture of the Clifford Family’, formerly in Appleby Castle).

NB. Some copies signed by the Duchess of Devonshire and Patrick Eyres.