Gardens of Exile – PDF

Gardens of Exile – PDF


NAJ 10 (1983). A5 book, 32 pp., 29 illustrations

The first of the Little Spartan War NAJs:  18th century political gardening as a context to Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Little Sparta, alongside the Sentences on Exile that Finlay produced for this edition

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Howard EaglestoneIan GardnerGrahame Jones (plus Cover), John Tetley.


Ian Gardner. Preface.
Patrick Eyres. Gardens of Exile: Cultural ‘Hedgehogs’ (the Georgian tradition of political gardening, at Levens, Studley Royal and Stowe, as a context to Ian Hamilton Finlay at Little Sparta).
Ian Hamilton Finlay. Detached Sentences on Exile (composed for this NAJ, in the manner of the 18C poet-gardener, William Shenstone).