Despatches from The Little Spartan War

Despatches from The Little Spartan War


NAJ 23 (1986). 44 pp., 53 illustrations

A chronicle, 1982-1985, of the Finlays’ resistance to bureaucratic assault over the rating criteria for the garden temple. The third of the Little Spartan War NAJs

With book jacket, 2017, illustrated by Mark Stewart (left)

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Ian Appleton, Howard Eaglestone, Ian Gardner (plus cover design), Andrew Griffiths, Grahame Jones, Jack Sloan, Mark Stewart, Alexander Stoddart, Andrew Townsend. The centrespread photograph by Andrew Griffiths, ‘Arcadian Shepherds, After Poussin’, was composed for this NAJ by Ian Hamilton Finlay.


Patrick Eyres. A chronicle, 1982-85, of the assault on the poetic garden at Little Sparta by Strathclyde Regional Council; and of the epic counter-attacks and propaganda orchestrated by the poet, Ian Hamilton Finlay, and gardener, Susan Finlay, supported by the Saint-Just Vigilantes.