Bless Arcadia, Blast Folly

Bless Arcadia, Blast Folly


NAJ 24 (1986). 32 pp., 34 illustrations.

Bless the New Arcadian Journal and Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Little Sparta. Blast the National Trust for sponsoring the 1986 Guide to Follies. This polemic echoes the epic BLAST of Wyndham Lewis (1914-1915) and castigates the NT for launching The Follies War.

With book jacket, 2017, illustrated by Jack Sloan (left).

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ILLUSTRATIONS: Chris Broughton, Howard Eaglestone, Ian Gardner (plus cover design), Andrew Griffiths, Jack Sloan, Nicholas Sloan.

~ Patrick Eyres. Introduction.
~ Wendy Frith. Bless Arcadia (a critique of the modernist hegemony and the implications for the English landscape tradition).
~ Howard Eaglestone, Ian Gardner, Andrew Griffiths on their artistic roots.
~ Patrick Eyres. Blast Folly (a polemic against National Trust sponsorship of the 1986 Guide to Follies).
~ Ian Hamilton Finlay. Blast the National Trust (composed for this NAJ), with further Blasts from: Patrick Eyres, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Susan Finlay, James Malpas, Graeme Moore, Jack Sloan.

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