Lectures by Patrick Eyres (zoom and in-person)

2nd December 2021. Where did the money come from? The Economics of the Georgian Landscape Garden – Zoom.  Through the example of selected landscape gardens, a range of economic sources will be discussed – from agriculture and commerce to industry, warfare and slavery. Part of The Gardens Trust’s zoom series on Early Georgian Gardens.

14th April 2022. The Rival Wentworths: Georgian Mansions, Monuments and Landscapes – at Wentworth Woodhouse. During the 18th-century the splendour of the two South Yorkshire Wentworths was stimulated by the competitive country house building and landscape gardening of the rival cousins who were also political opponents. Although superior for half a century, the Tory at Wentworth Castle was eventually eclipsed in aristocratic rank, political status and wealth by the Whig at Wentworth Woodhouse. Keep an eye on the website of the Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust.

Earlier Zooms:

  • Little Sparta, an Unforgettable Gardens, for The Gardens Trust (Zoom, 2021).  Accessible on the Little Sparta Trust website.
  • Learning from The Blackamoor, for The Gardens Trust (Zoom, 2021). See David Marsh’s blog about this lecture series ‘Other Voices in Garden History’.
  • The Political Use of Sculpture in Georgian Gardens, for the Sussex Gardens Trust (Zoom, 2021).
  • Wentworth Castle and Wentworth Woodhouse: Georgian rivals united through 21st-century restoration and public access, for the Friends of The Botanical Garden Sheffield (Zoom, 2021).